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Baccarat And James Bond 2

When one thinks of Ian Fleming’s top spy, the British MI-6 agent James Bond, a few images come to mind. Exotic destinations, high-octane action and casinos filled with well-dressed, beautiful people. Among the casino elite, high rollers have always been drawn to one particular game, baccarat, and James Bond is no exception.

Does James Bond Play Baccarat?

In actuality, no. Technically, James Bond plays Chemin de Fer. Chemin de Fer is a variation of baccarat that is popular in many European casinos, and some baccarat players prefer it because they get to take on a more active role. In traditional baccarat, all gamblers can do is place their bets on whether the banker will win, the player will win, or it will be a tie. Having James Bond just idly sit back and watch cards wouldn’t really fit in with his character.

How Does James Bond Play Chemin de Fer?

Chemin de Fer, on the other hand, allows a more active role for the player, in this case, Bond. While there really is very little actual skill involved, Bond can now choose to be the one to take on all opponents or to represent all the players against the evil banker, all by pushing out a large, impressive stack of chips. He can also request a card to try to make the best hand, although in all but one case (where his cards add up to five) the decision is predetermined for him.

More on James Bond and Baccarat

Although James Bond looks cool playing baccarat, or Chemin de Fer as the case may be, he isn’t really demonstrating much card skill. In addition, modern audiences aren’t nearly as familiar with baccarat as they are with say, no limit Texas hold’em. This is why in the modern remake of Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as Bond, hold’em was chosen as the game that drives the central plot, rather than baccarat or Chemin de Fer. This made the card playing action easier to follow, and made it more convincing that Bond was actually a skilled cardplayer (although the final hand in the movie was a “cooler” hand, where several statistically unlikely strong hands were involved in the same pot, minimizing the skill element).

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Bacarrat History

Baccarat is a game that has been played for centuries, and has been thought of as the province of high rollers, playing in tuxedos in private rooms for thousands of dollars, up until modern times, when the great equalizer, the Internet, enabled even the lowest stakes players to enjoy baccarat at home in their underwear. But how and when did this classic game get started?

Baccarat Begins

Baccarat, in both Italian and French, mean “zero,” so the game is literally the “zero” game. It is said that the game is based on an Etruscan religious ritual where a virgin would be compelled to throw a nine sided die to decide her fate. If fortune shone upon her, she would roll an eight or a nine and become a priestess, a six or a seven meant she would walk away from the spiritual world all together. The odds were stacked against our poor virgin though; rolling a one through five meant a trip into the sea and her doom.

Baccarat Returns

Fortunately, today’s baccarat players do not face nearly as dire a fate, as long as they don’t bet their life savings on the wrong side. However, the goal, to get an eight or a nine, remains the same. The baccarat we know today first popped up in 15th century France, and was initially played exclusively by the French nobility before it was introduced into the general casino population.

Later the French developed “Chemin de Fer,” a version of the game which gave the player much more power than in the classic Baccarat, where a gambler simply wagered on one side or the other and watched helplessly to see the outcome. This is the game that James Bond has been seen playing in the classic films, and a variation of this game is what turned up in American casinos in the 1950s.

Baccarat Forever

The first evolution of the game that brought baccarat to the masses was mini-baccarat, a simplified version of the game that could accommodate multiple players more easily. Today, online baccarat can be enjoyed by anyone, and is a great way to get into online casino gambling with a minimum of gaming experience.

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Online Casino Sign Up Bonus

Online casino sign up bonuses are the best type of bonuses to get because they are match bonuses, meaning that the site will match your deposit with its own funds. If it is a 100 percent match bonus, you get your entire deposit matched. The catch is that you can only get a sign up bonus once for each site, when you are signing up for that site for the first time.

Wagering Requirements

Remember that to clear your bonus, you will need to meet a wagering requirement. The size of the deposit or the bonus determines the wagering requirement, and will be a multiple, usually 10 or 20 times, one of those amounts (or both of those amounts).

Until you clear the bonus, you cannot withdraw it. If it is a non-cashable bonus, you can bet with it before clearing but cannot withdraw until you meet the requirement. Once you meet the requirement, you can withdraw whatever funds you have deposited and won, although the bonus itself will disappear.

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Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses may be one of the best parts of the entire online casino experience. An online casino bonus is like someone handing you free money. Best of all, in many cases you get to decide to some extent how much they give you.

Online Casinos and Bonuses

In live casinos, players are issued cards used to rate how long and how much they play. The casinos analyze these cards and the players receive rewards in the form of comps, which may be free meals, shows or hotel stays. Of course, the online player has no use for any of those things, so instead online casinos offer the bonus.

Online Bonus Options

The three basic varieties of bonus are the sign up bonus, the loyalty bonus and the referral bonus. Referral bonuses are often a fixed amount and are a reward for getting a friend to sign up with a site you are already on. A friend enters your name as a referral when signing up and you get the bonus.

The site may offer loyalty bonuses at any time for continued play. The loyalty bonuses can take a variety of forms. You will be informed by the site or by email how to take advantage of loyalty bonus offers. Finally, for joining a new site, you can get a sign up bonus.

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Casino Cruises

There are different types of casinos. There are casinos in resorts, online casinos, and casinos on riverboats or cruise ships. I would say that playing in a casino cruise is a very unique experience. Casino cruise combines the excitement of playing casino games with the beauty and thrill of sailing.

Casino cruises are very popular in U.S. states that have outlawed gambling and the existence of any casinos on land. The reason is bodies of water are not considered as part of the land. Many gamblers found their way to play their favorite casino games by setting a casino on a cruise ship and send it to water so that it will be free from the jurisdiction where gambling is illegal. It attracted a lot of gambler's around the world. Especially those gamblers who enjoy the beauty of the water, and those gamblers that loves travelling to different places.

When choosing a casino cruise, or any type of casino, always check the background of the company that owns and operates the casino. You can find information on the internet just search for casino reviews online or by calling the Better Business Bureau. This is very important especially if you decide to stay on the cruise for a longer period. Staying in a casino cruise can be very pricey, so you really need to choose the casino cruise that is fit to your budget.

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Casino Overview

 What is a casino?

Casino is a place that accommodates certain kinds of gambling activities.
It is commonly built with hotels, cruises and in tourist destinations to
ensure that they will get many customers.

What do I get in casinos?

Many people visit casinos to entertain themselves by playing different games and meeting new friends, but for others, they just go there to earn a lot of money. Casino offer games of chance a